Our Year - Annual Report 2021-22

Our Annual Report and Accounts for 2021/22 sets out what North East Lincolnshire CCG achieved in the past 12 months against the plans we have in place to improve the advice, support and care services that help our local communities have a good quality of life, recover from periods of ill health as close to home as possible, make healthier choices and remain active, engaged and independent for as long as they can. We also want to support local communities to do more for themselves and for each other

We are extremely proud of the health and care staff and volunteers who have enthusiastically risen to the challenge of rolling out the COVID vaccines in North East Lincolnshire.

North East Lincolnshire CCG was a unique organisation that commissions both health and adult social care services. The CCG is led by local GPs and works with its partners at the council and the organisations that provide health and care services in North East Lincolnshire. The responsibilities that were NEL CCG's are now part of Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB).

Use this link to download the 2021/22 Annual Report and Accounts.

Use this link to read the Annual Audit Letter for 2021/22

Use this link to read the Mental Health Investment Standard (MHIS) Statement of Compliance letter and this link to read the MHIS Reasonable Assurance Report 2021/22.

Visit the webpage where you can find Annual Reports from previous years as well as Annual Audit Letters.