Market Position Statement for North East Lincolnshire

Welcome to the second Market Position Statement for North East Lincolnshire, covering the period 2017–2020. 

Local areas need to consider how they meeting their requirements under the Care Act 2014 to ‘promote diversity and quality in the provision of services’. Good practice in market facilitation suggests that commissioners develop a common and shared perspective of supply and demand for care services. We also need to ensure sufficiency of provision and that the local care market is sustainable and fostering continuous improvement.  These outcomes cannot be delivered without the active cooperation of providers and without clarity over their strategic approach.  These functions are likely to be considerably helped by the development of a market position statement (MPS).

This document sets out the way in which NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wishes to see the development of the local market of integrated health and social care provision to meet the needs of its population. This is set within the context of a number of complex transformational programmes across North East Lincolnshire and its wider sustainability and transformation plan footprint.  Throughout the document we will make explicit links to these plans and highlight the implications for the health and social care market.   

This document provides an over-arching framework for the way in which the CCG will work with providers to secure the health and adult social care services that the people of North East Lincolnshire need over the next 3 years. There are thirteen areas of service covered.

Download the document by clicking here.