Support to care homes during the Covid-19 crisis

Support to care homes during the Covid-19 crisis

On 14th May 2020 the Government wrote to local authorities to ask them to submit, by 29th May, local plans for supporting care homes.  Broadly, the aim of submitting the plans is to provide the Government with a clear understanding of the way in which care homes are being helped in the current Covid-19 crisis, and to identify any issues and support needs.  As well as submitting plans to the Government, each area is expected to publish its plan digitally.

You can access the following documents to learn about North East Lincolnshire’s plan –

The CCG is making these documents available on behalf of itself and North East Lincolnshire Council. 

You can also read more information about the Government’s expectations and approach to supporting care homes here:

Infection Control Fund

As part of its effort to support care homes and other providers, the government has announced a national Infection Control Fund (ICF).  The ICF is payable to local authorities in two instalments and is subject to a range of conditions.  North East Lincolnshire Council and CCG are working together to ensure appropriate ICF payments are made to providers.  The terms on which those payments are made are set out within an agreement which you can access here by clicking this link.

You can read more about the ICF on the Government’s website by visiting the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund page. The link will also give you access to a document (if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the webpage) which sets out how all local areas – including North East Lincolnshire – have used the first ICF payment.