Your Choices

Graphic that says if your GP refers you can choose with a link to the patient choice section of the NHS website

Since April 2008 patients referred by GPs for planned treatment can choose to be seen in any hospital or clinic that can provide NHS standard care, at NHS prices.  Please visit the NHS website for detailed information about every hospital in the UK, including information about quality and what other people have said about the experiences they have had there as a patient or carer. This will help you to make a more informed decision about your healthcare.

Information about primary care services in our area (dentists, GPs, pharmacies and opticians) as well as local hospitals and clinics can also be found by following this link to the NHS website and putting North East Lincolnshire into the search box.

There are a range of choices that patients should expect to be offered in the NHS services they use.

The Choice Framework, published by the Department of Health, sets out the nine main types of choices that should be available to patients in the NHS. Some of these choices are legal rights, while some are subject to specific exceptions.

You can download a leaflet about the choices available to you by clicking the following link Patient Choices Leaflet . There are a number of accessible (Easy Read) leaflets as well.

If you would like more information about the choices available to you as a patient in other formats (such as audio, large print and Braille) or in other languages then please contact us by emailing or ringing 0300 3000 500.