A new approach to engagement in North East Lincolnshire

Last week saw the launch of ‘Talking, Listening and Working Together’ a new approach to engagement which has been developed by community members, Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector representatives working as equal partners with the North East Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Talking, Listening and Working Together seeks to transform the way that the local people will have their say and contribute to plans and decisions in North East Lincolnshire. To read the commitment please click this link.

Linda Dellow, Chief Officer of Centre4 and Vice Chair of the North East Lincolnshire VCSE Alliance said “this is a great opportunity for us to work differently together to improve the outcomes for the people who live in our communities”.

“We are delighted to be launching our new strategy” said Rob Walsh, Chief Executive of North East Lincolnshire Council and CCG. “We cannot plan and buy services that meet the needs and aspirations of our population without asking people what is important to them and working together with our communities to achieve our ambitions.”

Rob Walsh and Linda Dellow pictured in front of a large pull up banner promoting the NEL Commitment

Talking, Listening and Working Together’ was developed after several months of engagement with local communities.  “People told us that they didn’t know how they could get involved, and when they did, they didn’t find out what difference their views had made” said Sally Czabaniuk, Engagement Lead with the CCG, “So together we developed a set of principles for engagement called ‘The North East Lincolnshire Commitment’.

Mark Webb, Chair of North East Lincolnshire CCG said “We are proud to be launching this strategy and want to be clear that this is not just a document published on our website, this is a totally new way of working in North East Lincolnshire which we are fully committed to. This is about finding local solutions to local problems together as a community and supports the emphasis we have always placed on our communities being at the heart of everything we do.”

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