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Let’s get this conversation started and make health and care better for everyone.

Join us at Centre4 to explore how we can all Talk, Listen and Work Together to improve health, care and wellbeing in North East Lincolnshire

Some of the ways that organisations work together and plan NHS services are changing soon to make sure health and care work together better than they have done in the past. This should remove annoying and wasteful duplication, prevent people falling through gaps in the system and stop others having to keep explaining their situation to health and care professionals in different organisations as they feel passed around the system.

Our local North East Lincolnshire Health and Care Partnership (HCP) will bring together NHS planners, health and care providers, population health experts, the council and voluntary services which means the planning of important services will be done close to where you live by people who know your local area well. 

But they are still not you! No one knows better about what it is like to access health and care than the people who attend GP appointments, go to hospital for tests or treatment or take care of loved ones who need a bit of extra support.

We are hosting workshops to explore how by Talking, Listening and Working Together we can get this right. They will be in the main hall at Centre4, 17A Wooton Road, Grimsby, DN33 1HE on:

  • Wednesday 6th April - 10am to 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 4th May - 10am to 12.30pm
  • Wednesday 15th June - 10am to 12.30pm

You do not have to attend them all, we are grateful for any time you can spare. You can also come along just to listen if you do not want to take part. There will be tea, coffee, juice and water.

There will be a bit of ‘talking’ about how we see health and care organisations working more closely in the new system. There will be plenty of ‘listening’ to your thoughts and ideas. Finally, there will be lots of ‘working together’ to describe how we can make sure everyone can have a say in local health and care plans.

Local clinicians and organisations will soon be looking at how by working as a partnership we can transform the way patients access tests such as x-rays and scans. Dr Ekta Elston, local GP and clinical lead at North East Lincolnshire HCP, will join us to take away your experiences and feelings about tests you may have gone for and what your hopes may be for a future service.

You are already a member of Accord, and we want to make sure you continue to have your say in health and care decisions under the new arrangements in NEL.

We know that to some people it may feel like no one is listening to them when it comes to health and care. We need your ideas how we can involve people who are less willing or are unable to attend this kind of meeting or feel it might be pointless getting involved or have other things stopping them.

If you cannot attend this time, a summary of each session will be sent to all members.  We hope to hold a digital evening event and will be sharing details soon.

To ensure that we comply with Covid safety measures at Centre4, participants must register in advance.

We hope you can join us. To register your place please email us or telephone 0300 3000 567.

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