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“Grab a Jab” soon if you’re still waiting to have your COVID vaccination

People are being urged to “Grab a Jab” if they haven’t had their COVID vaccination yet.

Having both doses of the COVID vaccine is the best way to get maximum protection from the virus. Also, if enough people have their full vaccine, we are more likely to get our everyday freedoms back and see our lives return safely to normal.

Every single person aged 18 or over has a vaccination reserved for them and there are plenty of extra slots available locally to make getting it as easy as possible. You can book online at one of 10 community vaccination sites in North East Lincolnshire by clicking or ringing 119. You can also drop into a pop-up clinic without an appointment. Drop ins are being arranged over the coming weeks. You can find details of drop-in clinics in our area by visiting

Almost 180,000 doses of the vaccination have been taken up in North East Lincolnshire so far and local authority health bosses have praised people for taking up their jabs. There has been a really promising response from younger people wanting the vaccine with dozens queuing up for their first chance to get the vaccine when it became available to everyone over 18.

Hearing of the continued take-up, North East Lincolnshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for Health, Wellbeing and Adult Social Care Cllr Margaret Cracknell, said: “We are absolutely delighted so many people have already taken up their vaccination and urge those still waiting to roll up their sleeves as soon as possible. With the new delta variant causing cases to rise again worryingly in our area, getting our local population fully vaccinated as soon as possible is very important.

“Vaccination alongside everyone keeping going with hands, face and space is how we will control the virus and get life back to normal so we can tackle the difficulties 15 months of the pandemic have created,” she added.

The COVID vaccine has been tested in the same way as any other vaccine. It won’t affect your chances of getting pregnant and while there are some common, short-lived side effects such as a sore arm, a headache or tiredness for a few days, these are very mild compared to the common effects of catching the virus.

Catching COVID-19 can commonly cause:

  • Cough for several weeks
  • Struggling to breathe, which might even need hospital treatment
  • Chronic tiredness for weeks or even months

You also have a much higher risk of getting serious lasting effects such as a blood clot if you get coronavirus than with any of the COVID vaccines including the AZ vaccine.

It is important to have your vaccination even if you have already had COVID because we do not know how long natural immunity lasts.

It’s also vital you have your second jab as soon as it is due as having both doses gives you the maximum protection. Currently over 40s are having their 2nd vaccination 8 weeks after the first dose and this must be the same vaccine you had originally.

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