About CCGs

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) are NHS organisations led by local GPs and supported by NHS managers that make sure the’ health care needs of local people are met with safe, good quality services.

In North East Lincolnshire we do things a little differently because our CCG is is also responsible for adult social care services. We work very closely with our council partners and we are involved in each others work and decisions. We also make sure that focus (the organisation that provides adult social work in our area) is part of  our work and decision-making.

Peoples’ health, care and wellbeing are affected by many things that we do not directly manage or control, such as employment, housing, and environment. We take a very active role working with a whole range of organisations across our area to try and make sure that our plans are joined-up. This includes our membership of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Safer Stronger Communities Board and the North East Lincolnshire Strategic Partnership.

Planning for the future of health and adult social care services is agreed through teams made up of a clinician who specialises in the field (eg women and children or older people), a service lead from the CCG and a volunteer from the Community Forum who makes sure that the voice of public and patients is heard. Together these three voices have an equal influence during planning and decision-making.

We have been recognised nationally for this innovative way of working and have already seen the benefits of working in this way.