Our Policies and Procedures

The CCG's Policies and Procedures

NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG publishes its policies and procedures on the here.  If the information you require is not available here please see how you can make a Freedom of Information request to obtain the information here.


NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG's Constitution

The following documents are included in NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Constitution which is published on the CCG website here

  • Definitions of Key Descriptions used in this Constitution
  • Geographical Area covered by the Group
  • List of Member Practices
  • Standing Orders
  • Scheme of Reservation and Delegation
  • Prime Financial Policies
  • The Nolan Principles
  • The Seven Key Principles of the NHS Constitution
  • Terms of Reference for the Council of Members


Standards and Codes of Conduct

Members of NHS Boards, Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies and NHS Managers are expected to meet core standards of conduct.  The following documents have been developed to guide managers in the work they do and the decisions and choices they have to make and to reassure the public that these important decisions are being made against a background of professional standards and accountability.

The standards for members of NHS boards and Clinical Commissioning Group governing bodies in England can be found here.

The Code of Conduct of NHS Managers can be found here.