Extra Care Housing

Extra Care Housing (ECH) schemes provide housing with care and support on-site for older people as their needs increase. This on-site support helps them maintain their own home for longer, whilst enjoying a good quality of life. It combines support and independence with safety and security, often meaning people do not have to move as their circumstances change. The support is flexible to respond to individual needs; it can include help with things like cooking meals, personal care (for example washing, getting up or into bed), taking medicine or just getting around.

The homes are built to a high standard, meaning that people are less likely to need to move (if their care needs change, or they become less mobile and need equipment or adaptations to assist them with daily life). Individual apartments are grouped in a single building and set around communal facilities, i.e. a resident lounge, restaurant and activity rooms. Each project also includes the opportunities for additional communal spaces, such as hairdressing, and maintained private landscaped gardens.

A number of the communal facilities (and some activities) are open to both residents and people living in the local community. The wider community is encouraged to use the communal space to ensure that extra care housing schemes becomes an integral part of their local community.

For people who are assessed as having an eligible need, a care team is available on-site 24 hours a day, all year, to provide care and support. This support is there to meet individual needs, and ensures that the right amount of care and support is available to people to help them achieve maximum independence and have a say in how they live their lives.

The care team will also respond to an emergency with any resident, such as when someone has an accident or becomes seriously ill.

Who can apply?

Those wishing to move into an extra care housing scheme need to fill in an application form to refer themselves for an assessment. Anyone can apply - the assessment will cover the full suite of a person’s care and housing needs (physical needs, emotional and mental health needs and social needs).
Those who meet the ECH criteria will be placed on the waiting list for an apartment.

What happens after you apply

Vacant apartments in a scheme are offered to people who are on the ECH waiting list and who have expressed an interest in living in that particular ECH scheme or no specific interest in any one scheme. The offer is made to an individual on the waiting list whose requirements match the vacant apartment (i.e. the need for ground floor locations, number of bedrooms, etc.).

The allocation of apartments is completed through a panel that will consider all applications and carefully look at the balance of need within the relevant scheme. They will then nominate people to the housing provider (the landlord) based on both priority of need and the perceived benefits of a move, to ensure tenancies are allocated to the most suitable applicants. The housing provider will make the formal offer of a tenancy to successful applicants and will make all the necessary arrangements to allow them to move in at the agreed time.

Applicants who are not assessed as eligible can reapply if their needs change.

Applying for extra care housing

To apply for Extra Care Housing, prospective tenants must generally be over 60 and have an identified need for housing and care. In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for a younger person to apply. To find out more details about the criteria, please use the contact information below.

Extra Care Housing schemes in North East Lincolnshire

For general information on extra care housing and the eligibility criteria please contact our Single Point of Access (SPA) on 01472 256 256.

For enquiries about the care element of extra care housing or to register your interest, please contact:
Linda Bilbe, Extra Care Housing Coordinator, on 0300 330 2952 or email: linda.bilbe@nhs.net

If you want detailed information on a specific scheme, please use the contact information below and you can express interest in each of these housing schemes using the links to the forms provided.

Burchester Court

Winchester Avenue, Grimsby
Burchester Court - Expression of interest form

Please contact Lynsey Hickey by sending an email to Lynsey.Hickey@placesforpeople.co.uk or call Living Plus on 01772666134

Strand Court

Albion Street, Grimsby, DN32 7AZ
Strand Court - Expression of interest form

Please contact Derrick Rodwell by sending an email to derrick.rodwell@inclusionhousing.org.uk or call 07776962871.