Current opportunities to have your say

This is where you can find details of a range of active CCG engagement work and surveys. We will also add links to relevent local and national health consultations and surveys that are seeking views from people like you. They are your chance to have your say on health issues important to you and to help shape the healthcare services and policies of the future. 

Please note that some surveys are from non-NHS organisations and hyperlinks may re-direct you to external web sites.

The CCG cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites. Whilst every effort will be made to remove consultations and surveys that have ended as soon as possible after their ending date, we recommend that you also check the date on the host's web site in case of any delay in doing this or there has been an extension to the consultation period.

Help us to shape the future of your healthcare services

Across the Humber, the NHS and local partners are looking at ways to improve healthcare in our region and we want your input to help us make the best changes for you and your family.

The Humber Acute Services programme is looking at how to make healthcare work better for local people. It is looking at the types of healthcare and treatments that people typically receive from one of our five main hospitals in the region. 

We are thinking about how these services could be provided differently in the future, whether in hospitals or GP surgeries, at home or on the high street. Find out more.

Occupational Therapy Service for children and young people

Occupational therapy aims to support children and young people to meet their daily physical, sensory, learning and self-care needs.  Their aim is to help improve ability to live as independently as possible so that the young person can participate in the activities that are important to them. Occupational Therapists do this by identifying challenges in their everyday lives. We want to ensure the right support and services are in place to help understand, manage, reduce or resolve symptoms where possible. 

We are keen to hear the view of families, children and young people using the service. What is your experience?  What is working well?  What can be improved? Find out more. 

Children and Young People Speech and Language Services

Currently, support is available from various teams dependent on individual age and need such as; Family Hub staff, School staff and Hospital Therapists.  We also realise that the Coronavirus restrictions have changed the way support is received.  We are keen to understand your experience from before, during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

We are keen to hear the view of families, children and young people using the service. What is your experience?  What is working well?  What can be improved? Find out more.

Macmillian Improvement Programme

Tens of thousands of people in the UK are currently living with a form of rare cancer. Cancer charity Macmillan is concerned that as the NHS is under increasing pressure to meet the needs of a growing number of cancer patients, it will struggle further to give people with rarer cancers the level of care they deserve.

People affected by cancer are at the core of the Macmillan Improvement Programme. Meaningful involvement will ensure we understand the reality of life for people living with this rare and complex cancer. This is the first Macmillan Improvement Programme to focus on a rare and complex cancer group.

Read more information about the Macmillan Improvement Programme