How our community members make a difference

Following engagement with patients and care homes, the CCG developed the new red bag initiative after the need was identified for some way of keeping a patient's personal belongings and medical information together when they were in hospital. 

The red bag was the proposed solution for providing continuity with medication and personal items, to ensure that residents living in care and nursing homes receive safe, coordinated and efficient care should they need to go into hospital in an emergency.
Community member Albert Bennett (pictured right) was involved in the creation of the Red Bag scheme with the CCG and throughout the development and implementation of the project.

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Helping us to Improve Support for Children and Young People with Mental Health Difficulties

NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG recently involved members of the local community in redesigning Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) for young people in our area.

As with any change to local support, the CCG wanted to hear about the experiences of young people, their families and those with an interest in mental health, and understand what they found most important in the existing service and what they would like to see happen differently.

As part of this process, community forum representatives (pictured), Barry Osbourne (Community Representative for Mental Health and Disability) and Pam Taylor (Community Representative for Women and Children’s Services) were actively involved in the engagement to ensure the views of families, carers, stakeholders and most importantly, children and young people informed the specification for the redesigned service.

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A different prescription for North East Lincolnshire

Christine Foreman
Diane Edmonds

Social Prescribing supports patients with certain long term condition by offering
non-medical activities and interventions that help to improve their health and wellbeing.  The CCG first started talking to Accord members and stakeholders
about Social Prescribing in 2016. 

Community members and representatives from statutory and voluntary sector organisations formed a Steering Group to look at how this could  work for us locally. Community Forum members Christine Foreman (top) and Diane Edmonds (bottom) were involved in developing the specification for the new service and the procurement process.

The new service Thrive NEL was launched in April 2018 and patients with certain long term conditions (Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder – COPD,  Hypertension, Diabetes and Atrial Fibrillation) can be referred by their GP to the service.

The service will then spend some time with the patient understanding what their current issues are and what help, support and activities could make a difference.

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