How we work with our local voluntary and community sector

North East Lincolnshire has a vibrant and committed Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). This is also sometimes known as the third sector, in contrast to the public sector and the private sector.

NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG is unique in the way it commissions infrastructure support to the local VCS sector in conjunction with North East Lincolnshire Council – no other CCGs do this. The aim of the service is to enhance external funding into the sector, provide support around governance and best practice in order to help to develop a supply chain for commissioners in relation to health and social care locally and to help sustain local organisations.

Changes to public sector financing have meant that innovative approaches to the way services and care are delivered are needed more than ever before. We need to focus far more on prevention and keeping people well for longer so that they have less need for the more expensive health and social care interventions. Services that can be offered by the voluntary and community sector will come to increasing prominence now and in the future. This includes ensuring people can take part in activities that enable them to stay well at home in older age, reduce smoking and alcohol dependency and contribute to personal wellbeing will become increasingly important. The CCG commissions local VCS organisations through its Preventative Services Market Development Board. All of this will help us to shift our focus from intensive and dependency-related services to more self-care and independent living. You can read more about the voluntary and community sector in North East Lincolnshire here.

The CCG links into the local VCS Forum directly which exists so third sector organisations alongside the CCG and council can share information and get involved in cross-sector partnership working.

Additionally, we work closely with our local Healthwatch on key engagement activities supporting service transformation in North East Lincolnshire.